The candidate who disappeared

Needed new staff.  Interview set with 23 year old fresh graduate.  Unemployed for a few months. Coming all the way from Pahang about 3 hours away.  Interview set for 2 pm.  Received call at 11.30 am.  Candidate had arrived.  Was downstairs in front of the pharmacy.  We are on the 3rd floor. Could she come for the interview now? She asks. Sure. Just take the lift to the 3rd floor.

10 minutes passed. Doorbell remained silent. 15 minutes.  Did the girl get lost?  Go out to the lift lobby. No one there. 20 minutes. Call the girl. No answer. Start to worry. Did the girl meet with an accident? Kidnapped? Aliens? Call again. No answer. Go down to the pharmacy to check. No 23 year old lying helpless there. This is serious. Call her again. No answer.

1 hour later. Should we call her family? Police? There’s a brilliant suggestion. Check her Whatsapp status. She’s online. So she is safe. Strangest Gen Y candidate yet.


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