Turtles Up Close and Personal

“We will get to see the turtles laying eggs tonight,” the guide said.

“Really?” we asked in disbelief, thinking that this was a typical sale talk.

“Why not?” the guide returned, looking puzzled.

We would have been happy just to see wild turtles coming to shore.  A National Geographic moment of seeing one lay eggs? Naah!  And on a public beach?!

That was at 9.30 pm.  Three hours and two big green turtles (over three feet in length) later, we witnessed the highlight of all our encounters with mother nature – yes, even better than seeing a whale.

A plea to the State Governments of Terengganu and Pahang – please protect these wonderful creatures and ban all sale of turtle eggs.  The turtles are too precious to go extinct because we want variety to chicken eggs.  The leatherbacks are already gone from the Malaysian shores, don’t let the green turtles suffer the same fate.

Note: We went turtle watching at Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, in Chukai just opposite the INTAN campus.  During the turtle landing season, they may be seen along the coast from Cherating to Kijal.



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