This blog is all about eating, traveling and making money – what else could you ask for?  Well, there is the occasional off-tangent stuff.  So just humour an elderly person.

What I write for travel is meant for a middle-aged middle income retiree.  So it will not be the cheapest because my bones cannot take the “roughing it” and I have worked hard enough in my previous life to deserve some creature comforts.  So no accommodation which requires you to bring your own linen or shared bathroom.  But it isn’t Hilton class either.  I may occasionally recommend some of my favourite books to read (because every holiday needs a good book) but be warned that it is all on who-dunnits.  No chic lits!  My spare time includes dreaming up perfect murders.

On making money, I am definitely not an expert but I will share the little I know on finance and also point out where you may possibly go for expert advice.  All strictly my own opinion.

On makan, well, I am a gourmand but let’s be honest.  The real reason I am writing about makan is the hope that fancy restaurants will invite me to makan for free for reviews.  But sadly, I doubt this will happen because I am more likely to condemn than praise…given the prevailing situation of high price but small portions.

I may also give my two cents worth once in a while on my favourite All Blacks or the  frustrating Arsenal.

I welcome feedback on comments but only if they are humorous or non-offensive.


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