Best Books & Authors

I like to read but I am an impatient reader. I buy or borrow a lot of books but if they can’t hold my attention, I would speed-read or worse, go straight to the back for the ending. The book is then banished to the cemetery of Almost Read Books. And I mourn for the wasted money and time.

I scour the internet for book reviews. Great reviews? Check. Winner of some award? Check. Out comes the wallet. But this is still not a fool-proof strategy. The books could be hard going i.e. long-winded or not to my taste. So I thought I would compile my own list. There is no method to my selection.   These are books which got me turning page by page, instead of pages by pages. Some of these, either from the storyline or beautiful prose make me want to become a writer, albeit momentarily until the reality sets. As for taste, well, you can tell from my selection which I will stress is mine and mine alone – eclectic with a heavy nod towards crime. I will probably add on to the list as my memory recalls more.

Best Books – the Absolute

It’s just a coincidence that both my top books have Japanese themes.

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