Penang Best Eats

Penang Best Eats

  • Bangkok Lane’s Seng Lee Cafe (the corner coffee shop) for mee goreng and mee rebus. After polishing that off, cross Jalan Burma to another corner coffee shop, Kedai Kopi Swee Kong for siam laksa or laksa lemak.

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Biryani Gam Johor

Pak Anjang Bariani Johore

Address: 44 Jalan 13/30, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

Opening hours: Daily 10.30 am – 9.30 pm; closed 1st and 3rd Monday of each month

Every Malaysian craves a helping of biryani once in a while.   This creation from Iran has evolved into various forms in countries in the middle east, the Indian subcontinent and of course, Malaysia.

There is the normal biryani, biryani bukhara and biryani gam. I find the first 2 of the Malaysian version too bland and heavy, unlike the middle east version which is lighter but tastier. If the Malaysian biryani is necessarily heavy, then I say, go the whole hog and dive into the biryani gam johor.

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Best Kopitiams in Penang

Penang is acknowledged as a gourmand’s paradise. For visitors to the Island, you have only limited days and 1 stomach. Food, food everywhere, but where to go? You do want to go to a place which has many good stalls, not just 1 key stall, right?

So let me share with you my favourite kopitiams in Penang for breakfast where you can fill up the table with bowls and plates of Penang goodness.

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Restoran Soo Kee (Ipoh Hor Fun)

33, Jalan 21/17, SEA Park, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: 8.30 am to 2.30 pm

The best Ipoh hor fun in KL/PJ for me is at Restoran Soo Kee at SEA Park, PJ, opposite the wet market. It’s a family affair overseen by the matriarch and assisted by her 2 sisters (they look alike so I assume they are sisters). Her son (again, the family gene is prominent) is the cook behind the stall and you place your order with him. They used to have slanging matches at each other but age seems to have tamed them so luckily the noise volume has gone down.  Otherwise, it is pretty uncomfortable pretending to hear and see nothing while the “hosts” are having an all-out war.  The place is pretty basic and the price is on the high side. But food is good.

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