Auckland and Beyond

Auckland and Beyond

Auckland, a place so different from the rest of New Zealand.  At times, you wonder if you are in China or India or the Pacific Islands.

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Why Malaysians Will Eat Kiwis Alive…But Kiwis Have it Better

This is admittedly a self-indulgent piece on my observation of life in NZ and Malaysia. Kiwis are such laid-back easy-going people while Malaysians are kiasu kiasi (direct translation: afraid to lose, afraid to die). I mean no offence to Kiwis and Malaysians because I think you are all great folks.

On the road

In NZ, a zebra-crossing is the spot to safely cross the road. Place a foot on it and vehicles magically stop. In Malaysia, only the foolhardy (or a Kiwi freshly arrived in Malaysia) believes that fairy tale. A zebra-crossing is there because someone had extra white paint and decided to enliven the monotony of the road’s black colour.

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