Good Reads

I am adding Good Reads to my blog of eat, travel and make money because a good book is always a great companion for those pesky flight delays.  I welcome recommendations on books to read too!

Georges Simenon’s books featuring Chief Inspector Maigret.

His novels are around 130 to 150 pages so the action moves along very nicely.  You will finish his books in 1 sitting.  I cannot abide those books with a lot of atmospheric writing and the character is forever doing some introspection for his angst.  If it is night, I get it, it will be dark and spooky and scary and whatever.  No need to spell it all out for me.

Simenon was a Belgian writer while Maigret is a French policeman.  Simenon’s books are translated from the original french.  Note that the prose of the books may differ due to the quality of translator used by the publisher(s).

I wouldn’t recommend Simenon’s novels, though.  They are good reads too but too depressing for me.  A lot of the characters seem to commit suicide.



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