Land of Mahsuri…Who?

Previously, any visit to Langkawi would revolve around Mahsuri, a gamat factory and the ugly giant eagle statue.  The lady, sea cucumber and fake eagle have since lost the battle to modern-day tourism.  Well, the giant eagle is still popular but that is because it is right next to the Ferry Jetty and Shopping Complex.

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Setting up Your Own Business – an Exciting New Business Form

Thinking of becoming your own boss?  What form will it take – sole proprietorship? Sdn Bhd?  Each has its pros and cons. The former is cheaper to maintain with less administrative work – no need for company secretary, SSM rules, annual accounts and audits – but the risk of the business will be introduced into your personal assets.

In 2012, a third option which combines the flexibility of the sole proprietorship with the ringfencing of risks of the Sdn Bhd was gazetted.  The Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) has arrived on Malaysian shores.  Continue reading “Setting up Your Own Business – an Exciting New Business Form”